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Fellow is the smart app that makes it easy for managers and their teams to have effective one-on-ones and team meetings, exchange feedback, and track goals — all in one place!


Mergers & Acquisitions

The goal of this video was to raise awareness of the Intralink’s Virtual Data Room and to increase requests for demos, while introducing their new brand identity.


Tradeshow Booth

Infinera approached us for the backdrop of their trade show booth. They envisioned almost a “Game of Thrones” intro, that showed the scaling of their networks from neighbourhoods, cities, countries, and to the whole world.

Elections Canada

Constitution Express

We need to educate our youth, before they have the right to vote, on why that right is so important. We worked with Elections Canada to tell the stories of those who came before with the use of a 2D animation style that compliments the use of historical footage and photographs.


Fully-Funded Kickstarter

Sovrygn came to us to help tell their story in order to raise money on Kickstarter for production. We are proud to announce that the project was fully funded!

Golub Capital

25th Anniversary

Golub looks back over their 25 year history with this whimsical journey into an animated “Hall of Fame”, highlighting key people and accomplishments that have made the company what it is today.


Off-chain Matching Engine

With NEX you are able to trade digital assets across multiple blockchains with an intuitive interface that is superior to any platform – centralized or decentralized.


Mirroring The Innovation of Travel

TravelBank is targeted towards finance teams who are looking to gain control of their business travel expenses. The video uses quick pacing with many visual changes and a modern, sleek design.

Coaching Association of Canada

Fundamental Movement

The goal of the video is to create awareness for the NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills presented by TeamSnap

SAGA Innovations

Uncovering paths to success.

We helped SAGA deliver their story of connecting students with one-on-one tutors, to achieve the best possible education experience and help them reach their fullest potential.