our work.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water


We worked with Flow to tell the story of their naturally sourced spring water, from product to package, promoting a healthier lifestyle in the process, with a fun main character.


Enable global workforces.

Tehama helps de-risk global workforces by improving connectivity with remote employees and launch ready-to-work, productive work environments.

Metrus Energy

Energy Efficiency as a Service.

Step into realistic environments in this Explainer Video, as we highlight the unmatched benefits of working with Metrus Energy to improve efficiency of everyday equipment.

Zen Storage

Safe Storage.

Zen Storage needed a commercial, but wanted something that stood out and was memorable among their target audience. Our strategy consisted of using a comedic script and shooting it in a similar style of famous comedy shows like The Office or Modern Family.



Allocadia has found a way to let marketers not just do marketing, but run it with ease. We helped them get the word out about their platform with a video that combines characters and iconography.


Monetize Your Social Channels.

We created a retro-futuristic visual style to explain how VUE is revolutionizing the influencer industry through the Ethereum Blockchain.


The Match.

The Match, facilitated by the Canadian Resident Matching Service, is the mandatory matching service for medical training throughout Canada. We helped explain their process with a fun, character-based video that brings us into the world of The Match.

SAGA Innovations

Uncovering paths to success.

We helped SAGA deliver their story of connecting students with one-on-one tutors, to achieve the best possible education experience and help them reach their fullest potential.


Sam’s Story.

In order to create a powerful and moving message for the RCMP about impaired driving, we told a realistic story of a young woman’s firsthand experience. To strengthen the emotional aspect of the video, we used a rugged, sketch-style visual aesthetic.


A new home for Health.

dotHealth had created a new world for health-related companies by developing a unique domain. We helped tell their story of how brands and organizations with health products, services and information can be easily found online.