At Simple Story, we add value to bespoke video production by giving our clients access to Video Expertise. Our team defines this through Design-Driven thinking and an elevated client experience. The result is deadlines met, impactful video content and a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership.


Our video industry has changed, and our clients demand and deserve more than a step-by-step process and a final product. The creation experience and the careful design behind the video is key.

Jason Mesec


The Value of Design in Video Production.

Design is more than a visual aesthetic; it’s the connection between art and purpose. Design has tremendous power to engage with global, social, economic, cultural, and environmental challenges. It’s the blueprint of life, our culture, way of thinking, the way we speak, and even the way we dress.


Our approach at producing a well-thought-out creative concept begins by defining the objectives, goals, target audience, and brand parameters & guidelines. Once these are defined, all parties involved have a better understanding of the project, and can assist in shaping the content effectively.


We Love Video.

We’re always staying ahead of trends by looking five years into the future and are consistently applying that mindset. Using this forward-thinking while balancing art with business purpose allows us and our product to be successful and unique.