We simplify your message with beautiful explainer videos.

Deliver your value proposition in 90 seconds or less.

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The best way for companies to simplify and deliver their value proposition.



Convey information to individuals or organizations with short attention spans.

Audiences don’t have 20 minutes, they are lucky if they have 60 seconds. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but making something simple is hard work. Unlike content heavy webpages or long, stale videos, a Simply Story Video focuses on a clear understanding of the key points that matter. We believe in, and love, creating clarity through the simplicity of explanation.

Strengthen marketing campaigns with an effective marketing tool.

Your video needs to do more than look just great – your video needs to drive results. We carefully craft your story to effectively support the objectives or challenges you face. Whether you are looking to bring awareness, education or differentiation to your products, we are dedicated to simplifying your message and delivering you a video that works in harmony with your campaigns.

Build a story that engages your audience.

A story does more than communicate an idea; a story inspires your audience to act. The best communicators, salespeople and leaders, are storytellers, and we love helping companies be successful through storytelling. We don’t just deliver video – we deliver stories that help everyone in your organization succeed.

No hassle video production.

Our service provides a full end-to-end solution that includes everything from script to final product with a focus on quick turnarounds and a superior client experience. Our videos are creative and customized specifically to your brand, providing a cost-efficient alternative to large scale agencies.


Learn more about our Video Production Services or Get a Quote. Looking for immediate assistance? Give us a call at 1-877-513-2422.

We are focused on long-term relationships through a surprise and delight culture.

Our studio has earned the trust of major brands to help tell the stories that fuel their business. We’ve also worked with young startups to craft the right message for their first customers. With over 200 custom-made live-action and animated explainer videos delivered, our studio is passionate about providing results-driven explainer videos and a superior client experience.


We’ve worked with the SSV team on several video projects and have been extremely pleased with the process, deliverables, and results every time. Our video has not only increased our site traffic and bolstered our marketing, but has also helped our busy sales force and events team introduce our product more quickly and understandably. Start to finish, you’ll be happy working with SSV.

Peter Binder, Pitney Bowes


Working with the team at SSV was a blast! From our initial meeting to our final deliverable, SSV delivered in a timely manner, and we couldn’t have been happier with the end result.

Alex MacDonell, Shopify


Our Video Production Process



Step 1: Discovery

We connect with your team to understand the core of your product or service, and find the best way to tell your story.


Step 2: Script

Our creative team transforms your key message into an engaging visual story that connects with your audience. Including script and description of the visual elements that will be presented on screen.


Step 3: Style board and Storyboard

The script and visuals are sketched out, presenting you with an idea of the flow of the video as well as the look and feel.


Step 4: Voiceover

We select and recommend voiceover talents that best match your brand and target audience.


Step 5: Production

Our team of motion designers and/or cinematographers create your video. We integrate your feedback on animation direction and final revision requests.


Step 6: Final Video

Video production is completed, sound effects are applied and we send you your HD video in any format you want.



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