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We provide animated and explainer video production services. We help innovative companies:

Simplify complex messages:
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but making something simple is hard work. Yet necessary to make sure your message is not lost to the audience.

Craft messages as stories:
Story does more than communicate an idea; Story inspires your audience to act. Crafting your message as a story allows you to bond information to emotion and makes it memorable, resonant and actionable.

Deliver stories in the form of video:
Video allows you to control how your audience connects with your message. By controlling the tone and the setting you establish the proper mindset for your message to be received how you intended it to be understood.

How We Work With You


Step 1: Discovery

We connect with your team to understand the core of your product or service, and find the best way to tell your story.


Step 2: Script

Our creative team transforms your key message into an engaging visual story that connects with your audience. Including script and description of the visual elements that will be presented on screen.


Step 3: Style board and Storyboard

The script and visuals are sketched out, presenting you with an idea of the flow of the video as well as the look and feel.


Step 4: Voiceover

We select and recommend voiceover talents that best match your brand and target audience.


Step 5: Production

Our team of motion designers and/or cinematographers create your video. We integrate your feedback on animation direction and final revision requests.


Step 6: Final Video

Video production is completed, sound effects are applied and we send you your HD video in any format you want.

Tell the right story to your customer

Our studio has earned the trust of major brands across healthcare, finance, and tech to help tell the stories that fuel their business. We’ve also worked with young startups to craft the right message for their first customers. With over 200 custom-made live action and animated explainer videos delivered, our team has the experience and expertise needed to work with your brand.

“Working with the team at SSV was a blast! From our initial meeting to our final deliverable, SSV delivered in a timely manner, and we couldn’t have been happier with the end result.”

Alex MacDonell, Design Lead, Shopify

Sometimes doing more means doing less.

We used to do a bunch of things, but we realized there were only two that we really cared about: telling stories, and helping our clients find the right story that fit them. They were also the things we did best. So we simplified. Our passion is storytelling, and our medium is video. Our focus is on making sure our clients get the right explainer video to help them do big things.

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