Our videos engage and attract customers.  We’re experienced making many types of videos, including Explainer, Brand, and Product videos, even with animation!

The Most Popular Types of Video

Three of the most popular types of video include Explainer Videos, Product Videos and Brand Videos.  We’ll explain each on this page and show you some examples:


If you’re looking to increase conversions (trial signups, account registrations, etc.), an explainer video is what you need. Explainer videos deliver your value proposition via messaging that leaves your audience wanting to learn more. 

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If you’re looking to build awareness about a specific topic, try presenting your content in the form of a branded video. The information could easily be delivered in an e-book, but video is a more effective channel to get your message across. 

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Product videos introduce your new customers to your product offering. These videos cut down the learning curve, and start your clients off on the right foot when they begin using your product. 

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