tutorial videos.

Education Retention

what is it?

Whether you’re launching a new product in your suite, or a new function for one of your existing solutions, your customers need a little “Show & Tell”. The Tutorial Video does just that: Explains and demonstrates specific information on key functionality of your solution. Think of these as levelled-up “How-To” videos.

When does it come in handy?

The Tutorial Video is highly effective for showing your existing customers exactly how your product works. Use this video in the Retention stage of your sales funnel and give your customers the information they need in order to properly continue utilizing your product or service.

Where is it the most effective?

In the Retention stage, the most effective content helps reassure and educate customers who have already dedicated time to learning about your product, service and overall brand. Use your Tutorial Video at this stage of your sales funnel process for the best results.

How to measure its success.

A good indicator that your Tutorial Video has done its job is a significant drop in support tickets. This means questions have been answered, and your video is working. When there’s also a noticeable improvement in retention with your current customer-base, you know that your Tutorial Video is a hit.

What to look for
(best practices).

It’s a perfect balance between education and entertainment.

Has a steady pace that delivers the information in an easily digestible way.

Has a clean visual aesthetic.

Uses camera movement to draw the viewer’s attention to specific areas of the screen.