brand videos.

  • initial interest
  • brand awareness
  • lead generation

what is it?

The Brand Video digs deeper in the philosophy of your company and helps create a more personal connection with your audience. It can double as the perfect introduction to the marketplace, or as a tool for enhancing your brand perception in the eyes of your customers and employees.

When does it come in handy?

A Brand Video can be effective in two different areas of your pipeline: It can act as an influential piece at the Awareness stage, or an anthem song that improves Retention with existing clients or potential employees.

Where is it the most effective?

Your Brand Video is an anthem piece, and that anthem should be sung loud and proud. An effective placement for your Brand Video is in a multi-faceted social media campaign, email campaign, or at the top of your landing page. Alternatively, your Brand Video can be used on internal platforms for the recruitment or on-boarding process.

How to measure its success.

A Brand Video focuses more on engagement, rather than sales or sign-ups with specific products or services. Marketing metrics such as views, shares, likes and comments are all great ways to determine your Brand Video’s success.

What to look for
(best practices).

Conveys your brand values and philosophy.

It’s story-driven.

Has an aspirational tone, look and feel.

Has a human element that audiences can identify with.

Uses emotion as a storytelling tool.