The discovery call is the first point of contact between our production team, and your team. Being able to discuss the logistics and objectives of the video are a valuable asset to the production process, but larger than that is the ability to get to know each other on a more personal level. The entire process of creating a story driven video is a lengthy one, and we take the appropriate amount of time at each step to ensure the final product is one both sides are extremely proud of. This involves a lot of back and forth between our team and yours and because of this we put a high value on really knowing our clients and their company. We believe this starts with our discovery call.

Being able to hear about the company or the product from the people who deal with it on a daily basis is crucial. You are passionate about your company, we are passionate about video and creating something that reflects what your company stands for. Together it forms this creative trust that together tackles the many steps on the journey to creating a great video. Keeping your goals and objectives as the primary focus during the process helps us to create something that solves a problem, but is also a story reflective of you.

So much goes into each video we create, but all of them start the same way. We put such a high value on getting off to the best possible start because that drives the rest of the process. Being able to put a face to the name and see a person behind an email, or a phone call, creates that trust that you need in this process. Pulling out information, stories, branding, and every little detail out of this call gives us the tools to be able to create concepts and scripts that serve a purpose, but also have the feeling of being unique to your company and far from generic.

There is an electricity when two parties start collaborating and coming up with ideas for the video. Getting to meet clients and the teams will be working side by side with is an exciting part of our process that we don’t take for granted. Creating relationships with our clients and finding out the “why” behind each story gives us a view into the framework of your company, and ultimately this knowledge strengthens the personality factor in each video.

Robert Johnson