STEP 4 of 7

What to expect during this stage of your journey:

  • 4 to 5 female and male voice-over talent options.
  • A scheduled live-read with the voice talent.
  • 2 to 3 takes of your script, each with a slightly different cadence and delivery.

When finding the perfect narrator for your story, you should consider a few important things, like: Who is your target audience? From whose perspective is the story being told? Is your audience predominantly male or female?

During the Concept and Script stage, we’ve taken the time to perfect your message. Now, it’s time to find the person who can deliver it in the most compelling and believable way for your audience.

While our team of designers and illustrators continue applying the approved visual aesthetic of the style frames to the entire storyboard, we add another little touch point in your journey by providing you with a list of talented voice over actors that we feel will best connect your audience to your story.

This process is more than just pooling together a list of viable candidates for the job. Our voice actors are just that: actors and professionals of the dramatic arts. So, when they’re asked to provide a conversational tone, an aspirational or emotional tone of voice, they have the ability to do it with conviction, ensuring nothing seems rehearsed and that your story has credibility.

Once you’ve selected the perfect voice for your story, we book the talent and schedule a recording session with them, where we provide specific direction on tone, cadence and delivery.

These recording sessions can also be done as live-reads, where we call in to the actor’s studio with you and listen to their reads in real-time. This gives us the ability to provide feedback right away, ensuring we leave the session with the perfect take.

Our voice-overs have a sort of rhythm to them, peaking at the dramatic parts that you would hear when setting up the problem in an Explainer Video, and brightening up when the solution (your brand) is introduced. In Tutorial videos, for example, we tend to direct our voice-over talent to provide a clear, confident tone of voice, in order for the information to be easily heard and retained.

Now that we have a few different reads of your script recorded, we present them to you and ask you to provide your thoughts and feedback, and the take that you like the most is put through our audio mixing process, balancing out the frequencies for the highest quality and clarity.


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Robert Johnson