“Simple Story was a super collaborative video partner and easy to work with.– Laura Gallo, Manager, Learning, Inclusive and Belonging Workplaces

Creating a diverse and inclusive organization can lead to innovation, creativity, insight and better execution. But if it’s implemented and managed poorly, it can easily create exclusion, isolation and high turnover. Organizations understand the need for Diversity and Inclusion training in their workplace but are missing the mark even with that training as employees are not feeling valued and included. This sense of belonging is the missing ingredient of D&I that can help companies decrease their turnover risk and substantially increase job performance.

Laura Gallo, Manager, Learning, Inclusive and Belonging Workplaces at Hire Immigrants Ottawa, reached out to us to create an animated video to help promote their new workshop series on fostering a workplace culture of belonging. The non-profit organization brings together employers, immigrant agencies and stakeholders to enhance employers’ ability to access the talents of skilled immigrants in the Ottawa area. The initiative was launched in 2006 to respond to a growing need to identify and address barriers employers face in attracting, hiring and integrating skilled immigrants into the labour force.

Video Concept: The Missing Piece.

The Simple Story creative team focused on bringing to light the missing piece of Diversity and Inclusion that prevents it from being successful for people and organizations. This concept touched on how 40% of working adults experience isolation in the workplace and disconnect from their jobs because they don’t feel a sense of belonging. The story we built educates the viewer on what belonging means and how this missing piece is crucial for employees to be engaged, feel valued, have better career growth and more. 

The video explained that to create a culture of belonging, it has to be rooted in the organization’s core. We developed a script and message emphasizing the need for change and what it means to belong in the workplace, leading the viewer to register for the three-part module workshop on Eventbrite. 


The video used flat, vector-style animations paired with a bright and saturated colour scheme. The characters were simplified with no facial features, creating a distinctive art style that is clean and professional. It was essential for us to include as many diverse dimensions as possible such as age, religion, ability, race, gender and size. 

Illustration of diverse group sitting at a table
illustration of character profile pictures forming a circle
Illustration of a woman walking in a market

The Process.

We worked closely with the Hire Immigrants team using our industry-leading methodology, communicating regularly to provide updates and feedback during the storyboard, styleframes, illustration and animation phases. Here’s what Laura had to say about working with us.

“The team took our feedback seriously and tried to incorporate them as much as possible. They were organized and always responsive. They provided clear project management steps using monday.com and regular updates that took us through the script, storyboard, music selection, and voiceover. We were included and consulted every step of the way.”

– Laura Gallo, Manager, Learning, Inclusive and Belonging Workplaces

Watch the full video!

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