STEP 5 of 7


What to expect in this stage of the journey:

  • A fully designed storyboard with the approved visual style.
  • A written description of the visuals (the Creative Treatment) and accompanying script for each scene.
  • A scheduled meeting to walk you through the Storyboard and its transitions.

With the fully hand-drawn storyboard finished and approved, along with the visual style of your video selected from the Style Frames, we are now ready to fully design every single scene of the video. The Styleboard gives you full insight into every scene of the video, before it’s put in motion. This allows you to thoroughly review the more granular details of each scene, from shadows, texture and depth, that might not have been easy to visualize in a sketched version of the scene that you would have found in the Storyboard stage.

In the Styleboard stage, it’s super important to review everything with a critical eye, as it’s the last opportunity to approve every aspect of design of the each scene, before we bring them to life in the Animation stage.

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Robert Johnson