The exciting news is out: Simple Story is being acquired by another Ottawa-based agency, Craft&Crew, a leading producer of global B2B websites. It’s kind of a big deal. 

Why did we go ahead with this? It’s a win-win really. There is an increasing demand for high-quality brand and product marketing videos to be included on organizations’ websites, and therefore the close relationship with Craft&Crew and Simple Story will further help deliver that for each of our clients. Craft&Crew will now benefit from Simple Story’s capabilities and experience with video strategy, development, and distribution, especially in live-action and animated video production. In return, Simple Story’s clients recognize that a great video asset will only perform as well as the platform it lives on or drives traffic to, so this close alignment with Craft&Crew will allow for a seamless user experience from click-to-customer.

Not to worry, though – Simple Story’s management team and employees will continue to support their current clients and new business opportunities as an independent company but will have the added bonus of additional support from Craft&Crew leadership and resources. 

Over the next 2 months, the Simple Story team, led by current CEO Alex Dorward, Head of Production Gabriel Proulx, Lead Producer Vicki Figura, and Sales & Marketing Manager Stefania Marino, will be working diligently with Craft&Crew leadership to create an operating model that maximizes both revenue and cost synergies while eliminating any disruption to clients and employees. 

“Simple Story has established itself as a top video marketing agency in North America, winning several awards for creative storytelling and topping agency recommendation lists for video content,” says Michael Aiello, Chairman and co-owner of Simple Story and owner of Ascribe Marketing. “As a Simple Story equity partner since 2015, I couldn’t be more excited and energised by our alignment with Craft&Crew, a partnership that will enable us to grow our client list while keeping our artists and storytellers focused on creating the world-class video content that has brought Simple Story such renown.”

We are excited about this new chapter of our story by adding another great protagonist to the mix. We are confident that this new chapter will be the best one yet, but will lead to even greater chapters.

To be continued…

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Since 2010, Craft&Crew has produced more than 500 large-scale websites for business-to-business (B2B) and consumer services organizations in complex industries like SaaS technology, financial services, education, insurance, real estate, and telecommunications. The company’s clients include; Google, SurveyMonkey, TD Canada Trust, Xplornet Communications, and

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