$ 10,000 scholarships

Members can earn points by making inquiries, playing games, and reading advertisers’ emails. These points can then be used to enter the scholarship draw. No essays to write, no sophisticated user profiles to complete.

Poll, read blog posts, check out preferred partner sites և earn scholarships. Eligible U.S. residents of Puerto Rico over the age of 13 who wish to attend college or university. does not require students to submit a GPA, essay, resume, or other traditional application element. Instead, it uses a point system that allows participants to “draw” on scholarships ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000…

Play 2 fun quizzes and earn points

In addition to offering surveys and scholarships on their site, ScholarshipOwl is unique in that they have their own content and articles that they read and you have yours. They have a Campus Life section where students can read articles written by college students. These articles range from lesson tips to real news articles. The most amazing thing about them is that you can learn about college life by earning points to spend on surveys…

Participants just need to take part in online surveys, play games on the site, read articles և emails to participate in the scholarship lottery. To be eligible for the ScholarshipPoints program, you must be very interested in continuing your education. .


The ScholarshipPoints program was created in 2006 to provide scholarships to students without having to fill out paper applications and write dozens of essays. Consider some of the top colleges and universities that offer scholarships to high school students. Traditional scholarship sponsors usually do NOT disclose the exact points system. Like a site like ScholarshipPoints that offers their own scholarships, you should ask: How can they pay for it? The uniqueness of the ScholarshipPoints program is that they are essentially an online market research company…

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