You can’t rush art. – Toy Story 2

This is something we’re consciously aware of every day, while we work with you on telling your compelling story in the form of a video; Video that balances art with purpose.

That’s why our process (which is also your “Hero’s Journey”), spans over an average of 8-10 weeks, from the initial Discovery Meeting to final delivery.

Here is a quick rundown of the steps in our process:


  1. Creative Concept + Script
  2. Storyboard


  1. Style Frames
  2. Voiceover
  3. Styleboard
  4. Animation


  1. Sound Design


We take the time to get the finer details about your brand just right, while also implementing a level of meticulousness to the structure and design of our videos, in order to create a product at the highest standard of quality.

Your video is built out in layers, starting with a Creative Concept and Script which acts as the foundation of your story, before each scene is broken up into specific, hand-drawn visuals, which is what you would find in our Storyboards. Once the storyboards are approved, we work closely with our designers on bringing each scene to life with colours, textures, shadows; Basically every aspect that creates the visual identity of your video. Of course, the final step of the journey is putting every piece together: the graphic Style Frames are set in motion and timed to a musical score and voiceover narration from a voice of your choosing.

You can think of us as your constant companion; Your compass and navigation around the obstacles and challenges that stand between your story and your audience. Whether it’s the initial Creative Concept & Script, the Graphic Storyboard, or even the Voiceover talent, every part of our process is held to a criteria that ensures great quality.

Throughout every stage of crafting your Simple Story video, we’re right there with you, and it’s through collaboration that the best ideas, visualizations and story structures come to fruition. Your Journey is a step-by-step process that requires your review, constructive, transparent feedback and approval of each deliverable before we chalk something up as complete and move on.

We wouldn’t take another step forward without you by our side, that’s why we require your approval of each deliverable along the way.

So, let’s take a walk.

Learn more about the next stage in your journey, the Creative Concept.


Robert Johnson