Client testimonial from WattIQ about the success of the video partnership with Simple Story Videos.

About WattIQ.

WattIQ is powering the future of asset-light and energy-efficient enterprises by transforming device power monitoring and control into a scalable enterprise-grade asset performance management solution.  Simplifying device connectivity to thousands of unconnected assets within a building.  Unlocking the hidden value of under-utilized assets, unplanned equipment failure and energy waste to deliver CapEX and OpEX savings.

The Challenge.

In 2020 WattIQ rebranded from Ibis Networks. With the rebrand, they were looking for a partner to help with new branding, creative and video marketing on a more consistent basis while marketing new products.

Simple Story became their primary partner agency, providing a connection between the companies brand and their customers and creating a seamless brand experience between all of their channels. Our retainer model allowed us to be there for them in the same way they support their clients, working as a seamless extension of their marketing team.

We developed marketing materials with two goals in mind:

  • Building brand awareness. With the rebrand, the company felt like it needed to re-introduce itself to the marketplace and enhance its brand perception. With this in mind, we found it crucial to create a brand identity that would remain top of mind for customers.
  • Educating the customer. Some processes are hard to communicate, as they involve many aspects that are not simple to retain. Therefore, we focused on using techniques and graphic elements that would allow WattIQ to convey their message clearly and easily educate their customers on their product offering.

Our Approach: Feel the Pulse.

We worked with WattIQ to develop: 

  • Brand and Product Videos
  • Blog Illustrations
  • Social Media Assets
  • Stationary
  • Website Graphics 
  • Keycards & more

Our team needed to develop a creative approach that could be applied across their branding. Listening to the team explain WattIQ, we learned that power consumption is similar to a device’s heartbeat. We felt this metaphor was a great concept to explain WattIQ and that every device has a pulse that reveals valuable information… you just have to listen. 

The Look and Feel.

The visual approach struck a balance between playfulness and the polish needed to appeal to the masses. We used abstract geometric shapes on clean white backgrounds to represent WattIQ’s simple and minimalistic look.  In an effort to maintain elements of their existing brand and to ensure brand continuity, we leveraged different shades of green and incorporated characters to inject a spirited and human connection to the brand. 

WattIQ company logo on a blue background
WattIQ branding on a blue background showcasing the four steps in their product use: Acquisition, Operation, Maintenance and Disposal
WattIQ marketing banner made my Simple Story video agency
WattIQ marketing banner made my Simple Story video agency

Leveraging Video.

We worked with WattIQ to incorporate video into their marketing efforts, creating a new brand video, an explainer video and two product videos.

Client testimonial from WattIQ about the success of the video partnership

The brand video dug deeper into the philosophy of WattIQ, creating a more personal connection with their audience and enhancing the brand perception in the eyes of their customers. Moreover, the brand video acted as an influential piece in the rebrand to introduce the new name, mission and goals. 

The product videos focused on WattIQ’s new offering. Shifting the focus from the who or why the two product videos helped WattIQ prospects understand how the products can benefit them.

WattIQ Circular Economy and Sustainability

In addition, it was essential to highlight WattIQ’s work in sustainability. Therefore, we created an explainer video that focused on the importance of reducing and saving energy consumption. To showcase this reaction, we used a ripple effect throughout the video to visualize the impact WattIQ has on a company’s sustainability and operational efficiency.

The Results.

Client testimonial from WattIQ about the success of the video partnership

All four videos have been launched on WattIQ’s website. The brand video is used as a visual introduction to the brand while the product videos are highlighted on the companies solutions page to provide an introduction to the product’s offering.

When speaking to the CEO of WattIQ, Priya Vijayakumar mentioned that the impact of the video has been integral to their branding and messaging. In addition, customers have been giving positive feedback on all of the videos.

In addition, the WattIQ team has used the videos for marketing and advertising purposes and have seen great results from the partnership:

  • Video ads generated more clicks
  • Video produced higher-quality leads
  • Video partnership was significantly more affordable then one off videos
  • Video has shown higher conversion rates
testimonial from Simple Story creative director on results of the video partnership

Want to see what we can do for your brand?

At Simple Story, we can help you craft an authentic brand story and experience that improves trust and builds a connection with your customers. Our expertise and attention to design are what recently named us as the top 10 Design Agencies on the 2022 list by We have also been recognized by Design Rush for Best Video Design Commercials and will soon be featured in their upcoming article. To learn more about the full suite of services to help you tell your story effectively, visit us here.

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