We are no stranger to Trend Micro. Since Simple Story was founded in 2011, we’ve created a number of videos for Trend Micro, from Explainer Videos to Tutorials and Testimonials. We are grateful that they’ve been with us over the years and have relied on us to tell their stories, time and time again.

A New Era

When Trend Micro approached us with telling a new story, one about their Endpoint Detection and Response tool, we wanted to do things differently. We thought: it’s a new era for our team of storytellers, and it’s a new era for video design. New trends (no pun intended) emerge, and we are constantly adapting our way of telling visual narratives; pushing the envelope and taking unconventional approaches to cater to different audiences.

Concept Sketch of the EDR shield
Full designed scene


Our Approach

For this project, we did just that; pushed the envelope and proposed to our long-term clients at Trend Micro, a very artsy, rugged visual aesthetic that their tech-savvy target audience might not be used to. The reason why we did this was that we didn’t want to keep showing the Trend Micro audience the same thing over and over again. We wanted to shock them, pique their curiosity, make them think, “Well, this is an odd approach,” and show them that Trend Micro is as innovative as the software solutions they provide.

The video focused on paper textures and frame-by-frame animation of icons, typography and abstract shapes, in order to show the complexity of the layers that comprise their EDR tool, in the simplest way.  


Concept sketch of the EDR, uncovering its layers

Initial, fully designed style frame


Client Buy-In

At a conceptual level, these unconventional visual styles are incredibly exciting. The hard part is getting a client to buy in to the idea that what we are doing to deliver their valuable message is out of the ordinary. Thankfully, Trend Micro was immediately on board. They too wanted a fresh approach to the identity of their video, and when we delivered the first, fully designed Style Frames, they were fully supportive of our vision.

Initially, we had created a greyish green backdrop to play into the rugged look of the video, but after careful consideration and discussions with the client, we felt it was best to change the backdrops to white, in order to let the Trend Micro red really pop, injecting more of the brand into the video.



Initial color palette

Revised color palette


All of this was accompanied by a professional, mature female voiceover that established credibility. The contrast between a mature voiceover and an extremely artistic style conveyed two things: Professionalism and Thought Leadership.

We’re proud of the stories we’ve told for Trend Micro over the years, and continue to look for new ways of telling the stories of all of our clients.

Let’s tell your story. Contact us today and find out how we can deliver your message with video.


Robert Johnson