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What to expect during the Animation stage of your journey:

  • A short draft of your video showing you a work in progress (the first 15-20 seconds).
  • A full animated version of your video with music, voiceover and sound effects.


It’s time to get things moving. This is the point in the process where every element that we’ve created for your video starts to come together. Our team of animators and motion designers take all of the existing assets (recorded voice-over, style frames, music), and bring your story to life. We use fluid motion and smooth transitions in order to bring your audience on an inspiring and educational journey.

This is the longest step of our process as our animators take their time to meticulously and carefully give life to each scene. What we do is give them a reference video as to the style of animation we want carried out. This gives them direction as to how we want characters to move, for example. Do we want them to walk in a realistic or exaggerated way? This might depend on the target audience, and how receptive they might be to more far fetched and artistic motion.

There is a lot of feedback going on between the Creative Director and Animator as we go through each scene. and provide motion, but also with transitioning to the next scene. As with our Style Frames, our animator is taking direction from words and can sometimes be difficult to get an idea of how it looks until you actually do it. That’s why, during this process, we are constantly working alongside our animation team, ensuring each scene is carried out in a way that reflects the Creative Treatment and Creative Concept.

Animation is also where we really get to see how the whole video flows together. Making sure our concept and our story is being told in a way that reflects what we have discussed so far.

We also take into consideration the example or reference videos that you have liked. If the movement of that video is rapid and fast-paced, it’s probably because its objective is to excite and tease pieces of information to the viewer before hitting them with the final message.

This is great, but determining whether or not the animation style of the videos you’ve liked matches your brand and your video’s objective is something we help you discover on our journey. We recommend certain types of motion based on what we want the audience to feel, and what kind of message we are trying to convey.

Animation is a really neat part of the process. When your video is complete, you get to look back at the first Storyboard frames and Style Frames, and see how it translated into a final, moving video.

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Robert Johnson