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17 Aug Inside Insights from a Creative Video Studio – Part One


Part One: Everyone likes the idea of doing something different, but abandon ship way too soon.

In the beginning, people are looking for something unique. A video that will stand out from the crowd. Something that’s never been done before. This is music to the ears of any talented creative team. It’s a welcomed challenge that presents an opportunity to create something truly fantastic. Which is awesome for your team, as well as the production team. Creating content that portrays a client’s brand’s personality in a big way, and actually gets people watching and talking about it. Now that’s an exciting thought.

Typically, this plan is foiled by the scripting stage. Signs of conservative hesitation show up 90% of the time, to be precise. Understandably so – it’s tough to picture what your video will be like, just by looking at words sprawled out on a page.

Next, the anxiety begins. Will the video have the right sort of impact? Will you audience appreciate it? Is it too different? Instead of being the marketing hero in your office, what if you’re the office failure? So, you request to tone things down. Make it more generic. Because that means more people will like it, right?

But you don’t need everyone to like your video. You need one type of person to like it – the demographic that your brand appeals to most. The people who are invested in your brand and would appreciate the unique route over the generic one. Unfortunately, this fact is forgotten amongst the panic and rushed state of launching a new product or brand campaign. Understandable? Completely. Effective? Not so much.

Taking smart risks leads to bigger rewards. To help prevent this from happening, make sure that you find a studio you trust to make something awesome in the first place. Work through your initial fears – and just be upfront with the creative team about your hesitations.

Taking a leap of creative faith may seem scary. But what about the idea of investing your time and budget into something basic and uninspiring? That’s what nightmares are made of.