29 Mar When Should You Outsource Digital Content?

For a lot of companies, the decision to outsource digital content is a tough one. Businesses attempt to cope with the demand for content creation in-house. This can quickly become too much to handle. Or, until they realize that it’s no longer feasible for them to manage without help. Fortunately, companies can outsource their digital content before it becomes a burden. If any of the following things ring true for your company, it may be time to hire a professional to handle your digital content creation needs.

1. You’re no longer creating quality content

This one is very important. Digital marketing has exploded in the past several years. Today, it’s the company that produces the highest-quality content that wins. Because of this, you must ensure that your business is creating unique, relevant, useful content that readers will love. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re too busy to create quality content on your own, it’s time to outsource it to a professional.

Quality is important for both customer retention and SEO. You want to attract customers with useful information, so you’ll need high quality content to do so. You’ll also need quality content to stay in Google’s good books, which gets you traffic in the first place.

2. Content creation takes too much time

There are only so many hours in the day and, as your company grows, content creation begins to take up more and more of them. If the demand for digital content has outgrown your ability to supply it, consider hiring someone else to do the job. In addition to saving your company time, outsourcing content creation can help you better allocate your resources to support your business’s growth.

3. You don’t have the expertise to create authoritative content

If you’ve found that you don’t know enough about a topic to create reliable, authoritative content, it’s time to hire a professional. Professionals can draw on pre-existing knowledge or extensive bodies of research to write authoritative content on a variety of topics. This, in turn, can help your company stand out as a thought leader in your industry.

4. You need to streamline your marketing. 

Outsourcing digital content is an excellent idea when your business has grown to the point that you need to organize, consolidate and simplify your marketing efforts. By turning your digital content creation over to a professional, you make it easier to manage the entire responsibility into one measurable sector.

5. You need high-quality, customized content.

According to Entrepreneur, 67 percent of consumers report that custom content influences their purchasing decisions. Often, the best way to get custom content is to outsource your digital content needs to a professional who can research your target audience and create tailored, unique content specifically for them.

While content creation can be a full-time job, outsourcing the responsibility to professionals can help companies save time, money and effort.