25 Jun When to Choose Male vs. Female Voiceover for Explainer Videos

When creating a video for your brand, you’re faced with some important choices. One oddly stressful decision is selecting a voiceover talent. How do you decide between a male or female voiceover? AdWeek Media/Harris Poll performed a study about voiceovers in advertisements. Should they be male or female? Does it make a difference? What will it say about your brand? 

The answer can be obvious. If you’ve developed a hockey app, a male voiceover seems like the obvious answer. But in most cases, the ‘correct’ answer is not so easy to see. How should you decide what to pick?

Authoritative or Nurturing?

 Looking at the numbers, 48% of viewers said that males sounded more forceful, yet 49% said gender made no difference. If you’re persuading viewers to sign-up for an intense fitness app, you’d likely be looking for an authoritative and factual voiceover. Although about half of viewers stated it didn’t matter, almost half of viewers stated that the male voiceover was more authoritative.

Explainer videos aren’t usually created to seem dominant or aggressive. They’re created to be helpful, nurturing and passive. 46% of respondents said females sounded more soothing, yet 46% and that gender made no difference. It’s not to say that female voiceovers are always a better choice for an explainer video voiceover, but if your brand is looking to be approachable and relaxing, the statistics say to pick a female voiceover.

Selling Your Business

 If you want your explainer video to have a clear ‘salesy’ edge, you may want to consider a male voiceover. 28% of viewers felt that a male voiceover was more likely to sell them a car, and 23% said the same thing about selling a computer.

 So, which is best for your business? As with many things, it depends. The decision depends on your brand’s personality, the goal of the video, and sometimes even personal preference.