10 Jun What Does an Explainer Video Cost?

What does an explainer video cost? People are surprised when they learn the price of a great explainer video (and if your video isn’t great, what’s the point of having it?)

A quality 60 second animated explainer video can cost $6,000 – $20,000. There are companies that charge significantly less, but you’ll have a rough time finding real value from the end product. After all, you get what you pay for.

When visitors ask Simple Story Videos for a pricing estimate, they expect our work to cost “$1,000 at the most”. The cost of production is significantly more than that.

Quality motion designers charge hundreds of dollars per day, and a great designer can reasonably animate a minute of content per week. If they charge $600 per day, the cost would be $4,200 (yes, they work on weekends too). This doesn’t include other production components, or even revisions to the animation.

Between scriptwriters, illustrators, voice artists, animators and sound designers, you’ve got an entire creative team dedicated to creating your custom video. In addition to that, project managers and account managers spend hours on calls, collaborating resources and sending emails to make it all happen. The full process takes weeks (7-8 at Simple Story Videos) to complete a high-quality 60-second video.

If you still hesitate on validating the cost, try viewing the studio employees as your own temporary staff. If you break it down, your brand is temporarily paying $25 per hour to employ a full creative team, no HR or management expenses involved. (See breakdown below).


8 hours (average work day) x 5 days (work days per week) x 8 weeks (production timeline)

= 320 hours for a 60 second project

$8000 (cost of project) / 320 hours

= $25 per hour for a completely customized video


For comparison, let’s consider the cost of large-scale advertisements. Advertising agencies charge an average of $342,000 to produce a 30 second television commercial. Just like that, $8,000 for an entire minute of branded video sounds like a bargain.