Our productions are all-inclusive and based on a fixed price.
Every great story follows a structure. You know, a beginning, middle and end? So in order to create a great story for your explainer video, we follow a structure too… but we call it a production process.
Live-action picture

Our Productions include:

Creative treatment



Custom illustrations

Musical score

Professional voiceover

Final video

The Creative Process

1. Discovery

Our creative production crew connects with your team to understand the core of your business, and find the best way to tell your brand story. 

4. Voiceover

We select and recommend a selection of voiceover talent options that best match your branding and target audience.

2. Creative 

We transform your message into an engaging story that connects with your audience. Includes a description of the videos’ visual elements. 

5. Production 

Our motion designers and/or cinematographers create your video. We integrate your feedback and revision requests. 

3. Storyboard

The script and visuals are sketched out in detail by our illustrators, presenting you with a visual guide to the flow and style of your video. 

6. Finished Video

Video production is completed, sound effects are applied and we send your video to you in any format you need. 


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