Ottawa based Video Design Agency serving Global and Local Brands.


Video Production with an Elevated Customer Experience.

Our main focus as a video design agency is twofold. First is design, which is our common thread. As a result, we’re applying our combined passion for design to video; amplifying attention to detail in every facet of production.


The second is our commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience. We’re strengthening every tier of the customer journey with a deeper understanding of your needs and providing communication with a personal touch from start to finish.


We value human touchpoints and refined messages with business purpose.

This approach is derived from having identified the need to expand on our already existing “human interaction” even more, to balance how the digital era affects us all. Don’t get us wrong, we produce a digital product that thrives in this realm, but we now understand, more than ever, the importance of staying grounded as technology advances.


We design Animated and Live-Action videos as a creative solution.

Video is the ultimate communication tool. When tailored to balance creativity with purpose, it serves as the ideal delivery method, be it branded content, commercials, mood films, explainer videos, tutorials and so forth.


Our video design integrates a blend of animation, motion graphics, stop animation, illustration, filming, scripting, and sound. The amalgamation of these design elements in the appropriate proportions allows for a final product that is multisensory and message-focused.


To be successful in this industry, the most important thing we can do every day is to listen and be empathetic. Our goal whenever we engage with a potential client is to build a rapport that is authentic which will lead to a positive symbiotic relationship. Business development is reverting back to more of a traditional value system where mutual trust and respect is at the core. Plus, there’s nothing better than a client turning into a great friend. Putting soul into sales, that is business development at Simple Story.

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