Creating Content Worth Sharing

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07 Mar Creating Content Worth Sharing

In the world of online video and content creation, a lot is said about how to get videos to go viral. Though that’s not necessarily the goal for every video that you may want or need for your business or organization, there are some lessons we can learn from viral content creators about how to create content that your target demographic is interested in and wants to share with others in their circle.

Be Concise

The shorter your video is, the more people will be willing to watch it. Front-load the video with your best content near the beginning, so even if people don’t stay to the end, you get your point across. And if the beginning is engaging enough, they just might stay to the end and share with others.

Highlight a Need

You want to create something that shows you understand the viewer’s needs, whether that need is for entertainment, information, or the ultimate product or service that you want them to purchase.

Strike a Chord

If you get a viewer to relate to the video, or recognize someone that they know in the video, they will be more likely to share it.

Elicit an Emotion

Closely related to the previous point, if your video can evoke a strong emotion in a viewer, especially a positive emotion, it will increase its “shareability.”

Tell a Story

Giving viewers a narrative to follow is a great way to accomplish the previous two suggestions and incentivizes them to stay until they find out how it ends. This is one place where Simple Story Videos really excels.

Involve the Viewer

Asking for feedback or taking the time to respond to questions and feedback is a great way to get more people viewing, and even viewing repeatedly. This works best when you create your content on a regular basis.

Involve Others

If you work closely with other companies, use their products to do your work, or even just feature them in your video in some way, be sure to reach out and let them know that they have been featured so that they can share your content on their blog or on their social media accounts.

Videos can serve a great number of purposes for a business, and not every video is intended for virality. Still, you want your video to be seen by as many people in your target demographic as possible. Create a buzz in your industry by releasing content worth sharing. Contact Simple Story Videos to get started today.