Simple Story’s Favorite Ads of 2016

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23 Dec Simple Story’s Favorite Ads of 2016

The team felt inspired by AdWeeks “Best Ads Ever” series so we put together a list of our favorite ads of 2016. What ads made your list this year?

Jason, CEO

Commander by Audi 

Gab, Creative Director 

TKO by SONY (Director’s Cut)

Skyler, Creative Director 

Numbers by Under Armour 

Kara, Sales & Marketing Manager 

Don’t Hang Up by Orange (iPhone 7) 

Fabio, Account Manager 

 Understanding by Kodak 

Tobin, Operations Manager 

Unlimited You by Nike 

Ana, Art Director 

Balloons by SONY 

Justin, Motion Designer 

SickKids vs. Undeniable by SickKids 

Dom, Editor 

Your Project Only Belongs to You by Hornbach 


A Love Story by Chipotle Mexican Grill